20 11 2010

April 18

Dear Diary,

You won’t believe this. When, I went to back home from my college. My Friends stopped me. They talked to me. Then, Someone threw me with some eggs. It was make me dirt and stinky. Other guys were laughing me, I didn’t want looked at them. I was embarrassed. How did it happen ? I Runaway, and I remember that was my day. I can’t forgot that day.

Nov 20

Dear Diary,

I was upset. My room was  a mess. My books were lying everywhere. My cell phone was missing. Did my brother take it ? but why would he do that ?


I was upset. When, I went to college. On the way, I usually drove my motorcycle slowly. Then, I tried to faster than before. Suddenly, the motorcycle in front of me stopped. I hat it. I fell down. It wasn’t hurt, but my motorcycle wasn’t good. The headlight  was broke. How did it happen?




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