Belajar Simple Present Tense

20 11 2010

Belajar Simple Present Tense

Present digunakan untuk :

1. Habitual activity

I usually get up at 5 pm..


The Earth is around.

Present terbagi 2 :

1. Nominal Sentences

Kalimat yang tidak menggunakan kata kerja ( verb ).

I am student ( adjective )

I am smart ( noun )

I am in the Class ( adverb ).

2. verbal sentences

Kalimat yang menggunakan kata kerja

They                 V1 without s/es




Example :

You study English

You don’t study English

Do you study English ? yes, I do.

Example :

He, she, it V1 + s/es ( it only positive sentence)

He studies English

He doesn’t study English

Does he study English ?




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